3 Nominations from Stormy Weather Horror Fest

The Stormy Weather Horror Fest honored Synesthesia with three nominations in their Winter 2017 awards. The film received a nomination for BEST SHORT. Director/Producer Alison Kohlhardt, who also played Vivian in the film, received a nomination for OUTSTANDING FEMALE FILMMAKER. Actor Danny Ross, who played Paul, received the BEST ACTOR nomination. Continue reading “3 Nominations from Stormy Weather Horror Fest”

Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival selects “Synesthesia” as Finalist

The Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival has named Synesthesia a Finalist for its 2017 festival.

Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival (formerly Northwest Horrorfest) takes place on Valentines weekend, February 18th-20th, 2017 in downtown Seattle, WA. This highly stylized festival runs every two years as an alternative Valentines Day event that focuses mainly on short films. They are a feminist and LGBT friendly horror film festival run by female leaders in the arts organizations of Seattle.

Synesthesia, directed by Alison Kohlhardt and produced by Rachanee Lumayno, and featuring both as actors along with Kalen Marie and Danny Ross, has been selected by 18 film festivals since its completion in May 2016.

“Synesthesia has found a place in the dark hearts of contemporary horror/thriller film lovers,” said Executive Producer/Writer Tom Loveman. “It’s a testament to the hard work and amazing skills of my team, headed by Director/Producer Alison Kohlhardt and Producer Rachanee Lumayno.”